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by sky

Starring: Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Angela Basset, Marlon Brando & Jamie Harrold.

Length: 2 hours
Best time to go to the bathroom: Right after De Niro says something like, “We’ve got to do this now or never.” Because then they take forever to break into the place and steal the stuff—plenty of time to relieve yourself without missing anything important.

Firstly, let it be known that a journey to the Century 16 on a Friday night is a large mistake. Terrifying. That’s the only way to describe a packed parking lot filled with pre-pubescent mo mo’s running around trying to get into Planet of the Apes. The only thing I had going for me (besides being a bitter Park City resident) was the fact that I was not seeing the most popular movie of the weekend.

The Score is a solid, smart, heist movie that is sure to please both boys and girls. It’s two hours long, but feels more like an hour because it’s good. De Niro is De Niro and we love him. He just gets sexier and better on screen. Marlon Brando is fucking huge. It’s rather unbelievable that he didn’t have a coronary on screen. Even so, the guy is a captivating actor, weighing in at somewhere around 500 pounds.

The plot? Oh gee, who cares? It’ll keep your attention.

For those of you who do need to know about the plot, here it is: Nick Wells (Bobby De Niro) is a slick, modest thief who says he’s trying to retire and give up the “biz” so he can spend all of his days shagging his fiancée Diane (Angela Bassett). But, alas, he’s offered one more job from his associate Max (the hefty Brando). Max wants Nick to pull off a major heist with a young cocky dude (Ed Norton). I’ll let you go to the flick to see what happens. It’s worth the $7.50 —- as long as you don’t go to a Salt Lake cinema on a Friday or Saturday night to see it.