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99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

“No” says John Troilo, one of the three brothers who own Davanza’s Pizza, “it’s more like 1,199 cans on the wall.”

It would take the average Wild Utah employee almost nine months to stack that many cans in his living room (although we’ve done it in a weekend). Davanza’s collection is the product of years of hard work. Every can on the wall of their new location is different. We at Wild Utah feel that such dedication to our most favorite thing—beer—deserves some attention.

So now that they’re finally back in business, and have beer on tap, we decided to check it out. Davanza’s has been one of the ski-bum food groups (beer, grease, coffee) for many years now. Since the business was purchased by everyone’s favorite Texans, they probably should have been charging me rent. The only problem was the location- too small and cramped. I would get claustrophobic just waiting to order.

This problem is a thing of the past. Their new location at 690 Park Ave. (the old Broken Thumb) is spacious and convenient. The food is mostly the same- the best hamburgers and pizza in town with the addition of (reportedly) the best tacos in town. I couldn’t try the tacos (it had been too long since I had had a Davanza’s double cheeseburger) but I hear they’re great.

Also with the new location comes other changes- BEER ON TAP!(did I already mention that?) It’s like Christmas every day. With two coffee shops less than 100 yards away, one can find all three food groups in one stop.

If you’ve never had Davanza’s, stop by. You will not regret it. And for all those who have and are going through withdrawals, suffer no longer—the boys are back in business!