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Concerts in the Park or Playground for the Devil?

by monika guendner

The only things more common than summer concerts in Park City are residents in Park City complaining about the noise levels of the summer concerts. For the average concertgoer, however, that may merely mean spotting an annoyed cop with a decibel reading machine walking around.

The presence of a cop foreshadows a possible militant approach to concertsóif the summer season music scene gets unruly. The music series that is most at risk, that draws together the most people, locals of all ages, species and socio-economic backgrounds is of course, the Concert in the Park. To ensure all this diversity can peacefully coexist, here are a few tips:

1. An empty blanket, when spread out, saves a spot; a cell phone, a half-empty water bottle, any item smaller than your butt or a withering look, does not.

2. Clap for the performers every now and then. Without them, it would just be a capricious gathering of locals stuffing their faces, binge drinking and wandering around looking for another familiar face to gossip with. Thatís what the 4th of July and Pioneer Day is for.

3. Technically, dogs are discouraged from attending the concerts, but címon, this is Park City, right? Donít tempt the authorities into banning dogs. Itís wrong to meet people by pulling Roverís head out of their hummus or sharing the moment Fluffy marks their blanket as his territory.

4. Drinking in the park must be illegal. Itís just a matter of time before somebody is pissed off enough to figure out how. Enjoy your beer, wine and cocktails while you can.

5. Bring enough food to share. You never know whom you might meet or whom you might need to placate. Ditto with beverages.

6. For some unfortunate reason, the stage was built so that the sun sets behind it. Bring shades, hats, beach umbrellas and sunblock. Many a Parkite has glowed and gotten crabby from a post - 6 p.m. sunburn.

7. Stop off at the Farmerís Market at PCMR before going to the concert. Besides picking up a yummy loaf of bread there, you can safely park in the lot and not worry about having your car keyed by the people you blocked in on Park Ave.

This summerís first concert sadly omitted the thrilling hula-hoop contest during intermission, much to the disappointment of a few little girls who brought their own hoops and a few adults with money on the towhead in purple. A small note to the concert organizers: PLEASE bring back the hula-hoop contest! Donít make the audience shout above the designated decibel limit.