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Female Review by sky

Minutes before I went into the fabulous Holiday Village Cinemas 3 to see Tomb Raider, I told my friends I was about to see a very bad movie. I was wrong. I’m not a huge action-film fan, but this was decent. Tomb Raider had plenty of cool, tough-chick action scenes that will make girls want to kick someone’s ass once they leave the movie. There’s no point in talking about plot. This movie was based on a video game (duh), and was far enough outside of reality, that it seemed perfectly legitimate.

Men and women alike will be mesmerized by the overall girth of Angelina Jolie’s breasts. I knew she was beautiful, and had large… lips – but what was up with the boobs? Holy hell – they were big in this film, bigger than I had ever seen. In a couple of shots I noticed they were actually lop-sided. Hmmm. They are big. How does she function in real life? Not to burst anyone’s bubble… but after a little research (ie. watching David Letterman) the answer was out: those boobs weren’t all Jolie’s. Lara Croft is stacked. Producers of Tomb Raider wanted to make Jolie even more stacked so she had to wear a prosthetic. Interesting. This news shouldn’t stop anyone from staring at Jolie’s chest area. You really can’t avoid it. Sooo… in conclusion, Tomb Raider is the perfect date movie. Guys can stare at the main attraction, women can too… and the chicks will leave empowered and ready to take on the world.

FYI – There are skinny mirrors in the women’s restroom at the Holiday Village Cinemas 3.

Tomb Raider

Finally, a gender specific movie review column you can really sink you teeth into. Announcing the debut of “Critique This”

Male Review by dustin

Tomb Raider was truly a movie for guys who like movies. The plot was pretty straightforward with no surprises—and this was a good thing. You don’t have to think so much that you are not able to concentrate on Angelina Jolie’s tits. The action is pretty consistent throughout the film with no one really getting killed, maimed or really beat-up, except for Lara Croft, who I’m sure took quite a beating from her tits in some of the action sequences. The movie kind of drags and limps its way to the final action sequence: a ten-minute slow motion fight/escape scene. I have no clue how it ended. I was too mesmerized by Jolie’s flying tits in slow motion. I’m pretty sure that all of the plot issues were resolved in the end; my wife didn’t complain. It was, all in all, good clean fun, and kudos to the makeup crew. They might not have been able to cover her tattoos very well, but they did a great job on those black eyes. I give it two—no wait—three thumbs up. I’d also like to apologize to the people in the row in front of me—that wasn’t really hair gel.