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O-Mok-See: Crazy Horse Shit

You know what the dying words of a redneck are? “Hey y’all, watch this!”

And if you want to catch a nutty, Native American-style rodeo, check out the National Saddle Club Association’s 36th Annual O-Mok-See Championship.

The competition takes place in Vernal, Utah, July 21-27, 2001, and welcomes every horserider, under eight years old to over 40, from beginning to daredevil. Think extreme barrelracing and more. O-Mok-See takes the best of ancient Blackfoot Indian traditional warrior games and turns it into a western event not to be missed.

There are no qualifying steps to participate in Vernal. Simply join NSCA, enter the Championships, show up and compete. The events or ‘games’ range from the traditional barrel race to western jumping, to team events like “Devil’s Cowhide” where a rider drags his partner, who’s hanging on for dear life to a tarp tied to the rider’s saddle horn, down the lane, around a barrel and back. History has it, this game originated among Native Americans as a way to rescue their comrades from battle.

Nearly 500 competitors from across the West are expected at this year’s events and festivities. There’ll be all kinds of social activities surrounding the O-Mok-See Championships. An ice cream social, live music, awards dinners and a royalty contest for the Queen, Sr. and Jr. Princess of the Show occur throughout the five-day event.

Contact Marcia Thornton for more information at 435.654.2134, or go the NSCA website at