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Save a Dog

Save A Dog & Kids Inc. has been bringing beautiful puppies and purebred dogs to Park City for the past two years. Everyone wants to know what the "Kids" part of our nonprofit program is about. Denise De Vynck's 20 years of Social Work experience with teens and kids gives them an opportunity to learn to love, care for and train puppies. This gives them compassion, responsibility, confidence and many other important lessons in life. If your teen would like to care for a puppy, crate-train them and clicker train them, we will provide everything they need.

One of our teen foster homes told us that this has been the best experience for their 12 year-old daughter. With our volunteer teens, and help from local residents and Michelle and Ariel of Bad Ass Coffee, we have adopted out over 300 dogs in the past year: Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernards, Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Yellow Labs and many more. We microchip all dogs, give all Vaccinations including Bordetella, Spay/Neuter and have a great Clicker Training course at a discount in Park City at Silver Creek Animal Hospital with an expert Rescue Arctic Dog trainer Marren Partridge.(See pictures of some of the dogs adopted by Park City Families, adoption days, Marren our trainer and current pups for adoption attached)

We are in need of an indoor location to do our weekend adoptions in Park City because the weather is getting colder. We have never had a fundraiser yet, and save these pups with Adoption donations only. We would love to hold a Christmas Ball for the Dogs if we had a location. We work hard to save as many of the 50 plus dogs and litters of puppies dumped at the Utah County Shelter at a time, where 25 a day have to be put down because there is no room. We donated over 5,000 Pet Resource Guides with $20 off Spay/Neuter and Training coupons for the Utah County residents at this summer's 22 city festivals, rodeos and parades. Education and resources are needed in Utah County, and we need your help because Park City is up to date on responsible dog ownership. If you want to be a part of this great program contact Denise at Save A Dog & Kids Inc.: 801-225-6491 or leave a message at 801-808-4424. We want to thank all our loyal and dedicated supporters in Park City.