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Bobsleders Take Seventh

by andy baillargeon

"This past weekend, the Girlwonder Bobsled Team competed in the World Team Trials and pulled two seventh places. With some technical difficulties spoiling the fun, Pilot Cynthea Wight had to recruit Skeleton Slider Katie Koczynski as breakman. Koczynski had never bobsledded before, but according to Wight did a great job filling in. Heather Armstrong (usual breakman) looks to be back in action for the next race.

"We had been running about fifth so I was a little disappointed we dropped back, but at least we didn't get disqualified," Wight said. "Now we're just looking forward to competing the rest of the season."

The next competition will be held in Calgary on the 17th of November starting the America's Cup Series. The series continues the following weekend here at the Winter Sports Park.

The team is currently ranked fifth in the country, but is shooting for one of the top two spots to attain U.S. Team sponsorship. As mentioned in the last issue, the team is holding a benefit at Harry O's to help pay for the expenses of their new sled. The tentative date for the benefit is November 9th. (Please call the Harry O's hotline at 435.615.7561)The cost is $10 at the door. Come early and enjoy some free food and entertainment, and help these Parkite bobsledders grab a spot on the U.S. Team.

If you want to learn more about the team, check out their website at