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Tommy’s Protein Shake

by tommy kirchhoff

What the late Dr. Atkins introduced on a broad scale was the consumption of protein and the reduction of carbohydrates. This is because carbohydrates are the most easily converted to body fat. Protein on the other hand is the most difficult to convert to body fat, and it provides the building blocks for new muscle. When muscles exercise, they need certain protein (among other things gained from vitamins & minerals) to recover. Muscles that are able to recover fully and grow get “hungrier” for more. If proper diet and exercise can be maintained, and high-quality (highly absorbable) proteins are consumed, the muscles will begin to break down body fat for energy consumption. So in a nutshell, consuming proteins like why and egg whites (raw) will lead to reduction of body fat. In the blender, combine two scoops of whey protein (for women, one scoop), a half-cup of powdered milk (women, quarter cup), one scoop of Slimfast powder, and one cup of milk (women, half-cup). Leave this to do the next step. Get a very large cup for your shake (I use a 32 oz. plastic cup). Separate four raw egg whites (women, two egg whites) into the cup and dispose of yolks. The egg whites must not be stirred, blended or cooked. (Raw eggs are the second most absorbable protein after whey. Don’t worry about salmonella. About one egg in 30,000 has salmonella; you probably won’t eat that many in your lifetime. If an egg does have salmonella, the worst effect it would probably have on an adult is loosening the stool) Return to the blender. Add a frozen banana (women, half a frozen banana) and eight ice cubes (women, four ice cubes). Blend together for two minutes, or until everything is very, very smooth. Gently pour the blended ingredients into the cup with the raw eggs. Drink up! Ingredients Met-Rx “Long Range Whey” or equivalent Powdered Milk Slimfast “Meal Options” powder Milk (whole, 2 percent, soy, whatever turns you on) Ice Cubes Frozen Banana Raw Egg Whites

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