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Living Online Quite possibly the strangest site on the web today. Some dude is selling an outrageous book with crazy shit. If you donít believe me, there are some exerpts from the book and as Bob Beer puts it, ďThe writing is - ahem Ė weird; add an alien anal probe or two, and you get the picture. Couldnít have said it better Mr. Beer. You may have some trouble at first controlling the wacky cube menu, but practice makes perfect. Get online, buy the book, lose your mind. elvis.html If youíre a religious follower of Elvis, this will be right up youíre alley. These folks are convinced that Jesus and Elvis are one in the same, and they have proof at the Elvis and Jesus link. For example, they are both Capricorns. If that isnít evidence enough, you might be surprised to know that Jesus lived in state of grace in a near eastern land and Elvis lived in Graceland in a nearly eastern state. Also, donít miss the Elvis sťance where fans of The King made contact with him on his birthday. OK, there are some nude and some disgusting pics on this site, but it is not a porn site. These jackasses (and we mean that in a good way) post some crazy ass pictures like kids puking on themselves at a party, and piercings that would make a trucker cringe. There are also jokes and videos along those same lines. So if you have to satisfy your evil wanton needs, give CJ a look. Again on the cusp of pornography, this site is affiliated with Playboy, but focuses on so much more. This is cutting edge people - the latest bands and even some not yet discovered. Catch recent features and reviews; donít buy the SHIT before you know itís shit. And finally, yes, playmates on the web with the class and sophistication that only playboy can provide.