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by sky

Dearest Ladies (and dudes if you dare),

This column is for us – the chicks. We will chat up the hot topics only gals have the balls to talk about. Look for it in every issue of Wild Utah. Have questions, comments, applause? Send to me at

Back in the day, girls got dressed like anyone else: socks, shirts, pants, and undies – you were ready to go. Now, things aren’t all that simple. The undies or “panties” if you will, have become a complex category of dress.

I moved to Park City about a year ago. At that time, I considered myself an underwear wearer. Not the granny kind, but slightly sexy, comfortable, mostly cotton units. I had been given thongs in the past, but never could figure out why I would want to shove a thick thread up my crack. Then one day I asked a male friend of mine, “What’s your opinion on underwear?” He said, “Don’t wear any. What’s the point?” And from that moment on, I took the same philosophy. Sure, I’ve got a few cute pairs for those special occasions, but overall I save a lot of dough, never have panty lines, and can wear those fun super-low-cut jeans without worrying about my underwear hanging out.

So what about the thong? Some women swear by them. A friend of mine, Amber Richie, has worn thongs for the past eleven years (and has at least 20 pairs in her drawer to date).

“I started wearing them because I thought they were sexy,” claims Richie. As for comfort, she says it’s better to have a little bit of material riding up your ass than a whole wad. Another thong-supporter, Adrianne Orr, explains it this way, “It’s all about two butt cheeks, not four.” Fair enough.

Franchesca Gennotti, a thong-virgin, did some “research” last weekend. She went to her usual club hang-out wearing sheer black pants, and yes, a thong.

“I was really enjoying it when I had to bend over to make those tricky shots on the pool table,” said Gennotti with a grin. “And then there was the time I was rubbing up against the wall, that was good too.”

As we ladies approach these chilly winter months, let’s take a moment to appreciate the variety of sexy, wild lingerie options we have at our fingertips. Thongs, crotchless, lace, bikinis, granny undies, going airborne… you name it, you’ll find it somewhere. As for me, I may just break out that velvet thong with the price tag still on it from Victoria’s Secret. I mean, I’m always up for a good game of pool. Aren’t you?