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Post Office's Lost and Found

by katie eldridge

It's not that out-of-the ordinary to leave your keys, or maybe your sunglasses at the Post Office. But your cordless phone? "Yea that one's the topper," one postal worker said. Last week, for the first time ever, the main street Post Office in Park City put out two boxes filled with random items that have been left behind by absent-minded postal patrons.

A stray baby shoe, a lipstick holder, and a paperback book written in German were just a few of the random goods sitting in the cardboard box labeled "lost and found."

Apparently the decision to put out the stuff was the Postmaster's. But not all of his employees think it's a good idea. One worker, who wishes to remain anonymous, said "I just think we're asking for trouble by leaving all those things out for people to go through." Things like a cordless phone. How do you forget that?

Many of the items show up in the post office box area after-hours. Something to remember when you're out celebrating on main street: maybe you should sober up before you try to get your mail...or at least leave your Deutch reading material and phone at home.