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Utah District 53 House of Representatives candidate Becky Richards is our kind of lady. In a recent Park Record column, Tom Clyde bounced a joke at Becky regarding a barbecue and pool party she was having. Clyde's snide took a shot at the invitation's dress request-"Casual Attire -- Swim Suits Optional." He went on to quip about "skinny dipping democrats," and "buck-naked campaigning." Not that scores of readers peruse the Record in search of humor, but Clyde's comments were clever. (If this kind of humor had been directed at David Ure, we're sure a small holy war would have ensued; case in point: Ure's "church & state" sodomizing letter to SKIING Magazine).

Becky Richards liked Clyde's joke. "I thought his remarks were funny; so did a number of my friends," she told Wild Utah in a short phone conversation. Becky also tells us that running for office absolutely requires a sense of humor.

Becky is a down-home girl that's genuinely easy to talk to. She grew up on a beef ranch in Oregon, and moved to Park City 22 years ago to become what's widely accepted as a ski-bumming professional. She was a nurse at that time, has been ever since, and works with a list of associations as long as your arm.

Wild Utah believes Becky Richards will represent District 53 as David Ure will never be able to (as a politician, BUT NOT as a member of "The Church") We endorse Becky Richards, and encourages EVERYONE to get your asses out there to vote.

Change is inevitable in Utah. Please help be a part of it.