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by dustin sturges

Spray- The act of sitting on the bar stool and talking skiing, climbing, whatever with the best of them. There are many different grades of sprayers. We are graded by a ratio of time spent talking and time spent doing. I myself have become a more minor sprayer, but add alcohol, and anyones ratio goes up. We started the afternoon with a wedding at the Rotary Park listening to Lo-Fi Breakdown and watching Teresa Nelson and Bill Connely tie the knot (its about time). Having been Park City locals for a very long time, the couple knew that not letting the guests get to the beer stash before and during the ceremony is a sure recipe for disaster. As long as there was beer, we could have happily sat through just about any length ceremony. As it was, it was short and sweet, moving quickly into the reception. During the reception, my climbing partner and I decided (after quite a few beers) to go climb the middle bell tower on Sunday. We left the wedding at about five and proceeded to my house to continue drinking. We left my house a few beers later and proceeded to the bar where we got really serious about our drinking and spraying. Before we knew it we were celebrating the summit before we had even reached it. We ended up leaving the bar by ten, but when I called in the morning, I got the old Who are you!? Ive got to go find the rat that shit in my mouth last night. Needless to say the only thing we climbed was from the floor to the couch. My dad lived in this town for almost fifteen years without skiing. When I used to ask him to come with me hed tell me I can sit in the bar and talk skiing with the best of them. I dont need to get out there and freeze my ass off. Im not sure about that, but Im thinking, maybe from now on Im going to do one or the other. Ill probably see yall at the bars.