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OK, now we know where to go for psycho fry sauce.
Don't make me open up a can a Whoop Ass on ya...
OK, there's Whinnie the Poo, Pokemon, the Olson Twins--oh, and look, a Harlequin Book. Do you want your 12 year old reading this? "Hope looked at the point where his sex nudged the triangle of damp thatch between her legs... 'Is this what you want?' he growled. 'Yes, oh, yes!' she cried as he buried himself up the hilt... Her head fell back against his shoulder as he continued to thrust into her."
Stein Erikson is now marketing his own over-the-counter version of Viagra.
Still nice to know that you can buy these. Did you know the seeds contain virtually the same psychoactive chemicals as LSD?