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The Beaver Barber

by sky

Not-so-conventional wisdom says it’s good to express yourself. Women do this through countless avenues. Dancing, clothing, adventuring, music, sex… the list goes on. One more expressive outlet not to be overlooked: the haircut. There’s the trim for your head, and then there’s the cut that’s good when you’re getting head. Yes, the time has come to address how we ladies choose to keep our coif in those ever-popular “nether regions.”

If you’ve never thought about this, it may be shocking to realize the plethora of options out there for your pubic hairstyle. Take Pam for example – she’s now a fan of the Brazilian (to be explained later in this article), but had a mohawk of sorts some years ago that she dyed bright blue. Yes, her boyfriend was surprised, but pleased at the time and effort she took to be creative and sexy.

One of Pam’s pals completely waxes underneath, then goes to the beaver barber and gets a little butterfly pube pattern done up top. Cute, original!

Andrea did the full-on shave-o-rama last month as a “gift” to her boyfriend. The poor guy didn’t know what to think and apparently didn’t touch her for weeks. *This reaction, incidentally, is a tad odd. Usually the shave is something welcomed by the male species. Advice for girls who want to “go all the way” with their razor… do it with your man as a fun project. The surprise thing can be dangerous, especially if this is not a confirmed fantasy of his.

If you don’t shave at all, or even trim your pubes, you may want to rethink that decision. As my friend Mike says, “Women at least need to trim their hair… it will benefit them in the end, because we can reach the goods a lot easier.” Ahem, uh, OK. When you put it that way, we get the picture… and like it.

The biggest challenge for women wanting a good wax for their “downstairs” is finding a quality barber. Usually if you call a salon, you’ll find out fast who does them and who does not. Just because that little lady at the beauty salon will wax your brows, doesn’t mean she’ll deal with you once you’ve dropped your drawers.

What makes for a good beaver barber? Someone who is fast and efficient, calm and comfortable. When you’re having your pubes yanked out by way of hot wax and a tug, there’s little room for mistakes or hesitation. If you’re on top of the situation, you should visit your barber once a month. It’ll cost you about $20. Remember: always tip your epi-stylist.

Don’t, it’s dangerous. Chances are good you’ll get that hot sticky wax all over. Plus, it’s difficult, if not impossible to get a straight line when you’re going for it upside down. If you must experience this on your own, just accept the fact that you’ll probably burn yourself and end up with an original patchwork design.

It’s a bummer that can’t be overlooked: grow out. It’s an awkward and uncomfortable time for everyone involved, but is inevitable once you stop shaving. Oh yes, it will be prickly down there, and could cause minor rashes for you and/or your lover. Advice? Grin and bare it – ha! No really, it should just take a week or two to get through the stubble issue.

The Brazilian: this is basically a little stripe of hair running vertically, and centered, or nothing at all.
The Half Little Girl: totally shaved underneath with a tad bit o’ fur up top.
Butterfly: waxes down below, beaver barber then waxes in shape of butterfly
Heart: I think you can figure this out.
Barin’ it all: Ditto

If this topic is new territory for you, these hot, sweltering summer months may be the perfect time for a new do. Dial up your beaver barber, and say hello to clear cutting.