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Now That's a Dilly of a Pickle True Story from an EMT

Paramedics responded to a call at a high school prom. A student had passed out on the middle of the dance floor. Nobody knew the cause.

When the paramedics arrived, they analyzed the situation and began checking all of the student's vital. They couldn't find a cause. Their next step was to cut off the student's clothes. The paramedics couldn't find anything wrong with the chest area or anywhere else.

Everyone was beginning to worry by this time. The paramedics ordered everyone to move away. After careful examination of the student's upper body, the paramedics began cutting his pants off. As they trimmed away at the inseam, they discovered something lodged between his legs. Further examination revealed a large, ripe cucumber.

The huge pseudo-phallus was blocking the two main veins in his legs (no pun intended) decreasing his blood flow and causing him to pass out. Knowing the student would have been sentenced to a humiliating pit of despair, the paramedics thought fast. They covered the student with a sheet and extracted the cucumber. As soon as the vegetable was removed from between the students legs, he began to come to. The paramedics brought in the stretcher, and wheeled the student out.

"Relax," they said, and they hauled him away to the ambulance.

The inevitable question remained, and without fail the paramedics asked it.

"Why the hell did you…"

"My friends told me that girls like to feel a hard-on when they're dancing," he mumbled.

The ambulance drove to the student's car and dropped him off. With his pride only slightly tarnished, the student went home, changed his clothes, and returned to the dance with a lot of explaining to do.