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Summertime Cocktails

by sara engel

"Creamsicle" 1 oz. Grand Marnier, 1 oz. Galliano, Splash of cream, Orange Juice & Grenadine Shake with ice and serve up in a champagne glass, substitute, and ice cream for a frozen variation (omitting cream).

"Down Under Snow Ball" 1 oz. Light Rum, 1 oz. Peach schnapps, oz. Grenadine, 3 oz. Orange Juice. Blend with Ice.

"Strawberry Smash" 1 oz. Bacardi Light Rum, 1 oz. Wilderberry Schnapps, oz. Bacardi 151, 1 oz. Sour Mix, 1 cup Strawberries, 1 Banana. Blend with crushed ice, serve in large decorative glass, garnish with fresh strawberry if available, or an orange slice and cherry.

Hangover Cure

"Bloody Mary" - The classic hangover cocktail. 1 dash of Lemon Juice, Celery Salt, Black Pepper, Tobasco, Chili Pepper, Worcestershire Sauce, a Stick of Celery, 4 oz. Clear Vodka, 16 oz. Tomato Juice. Stir all ingredients well in tall glass with 2 lumps of ice. Trim with celery stick. Drink slowly, and if this doesn't work, log on to

Drinking Game

"Thumper" The first thing everyone has to do is choose a SHORT hand gesture that they would like to have represent him/her during the game. Everyone sits in a circle, everyone starts the game by "drumming" their hands on the table or floor or whatever the playing surface may be. During the drumming someone says, "what's the name of the game?" everyone responds with "thumper!!!" then the leader says "and why do we play the game?" everyone responds with "To get F----d Up!!!" At this point the leader performs his/her own hand gesture, immediately followed by the gesture of any other player. This player then performs his/her own gesture followed by another players, etc. and so on. When a cue is missed or when someone responds too slowly, the "violator" must drink. This person is then the leader for the next round.