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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

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Female review by sky

The $6.75 I paid to Final Fantasy wasn’t an entire waste, and surprisingly, I didn’t leave the Holiday Cinemas before the movie ended. I think I may have seen the first Star Wars movie back in the 80’s – and that is about as much techno-action-animation-space shit I can handle. Still, this flick was mildly entertaining. I was impressed to see how far the computer animation world has progressed in replicating humans on screen.

Dr. Aki Ross (voiced by Chinese American actress Ming-Na) is one of the leading characters, and no, her computer-animated tits are no where near as large as Laura Croft’s. Aki and her old pal Sid are trying to jump start life on Earth by collecting eight sprit waves to fight some big, creepy alien things that are pissed off and ruling what is left of the planet. Apparently this is all taking place in 2065. The rest of the plot is reminiscent of an acid trip I once had, and any Scooby Doo episode and isn’t worth explaining.

It’s cool to watch the characters move – from the swishing of their hair, to the wrinkles in their clothes and wonder how many computer geeks it took, and how long, to produce this one hour and 45 minute science fiction video game of a movie.

The characters are pretty cheesy, and are voiced by people you might know: Steve Buscemi, Donald Sutherland, James Woods, and Alec Baldwin to name a few.

If you’re low on dough—don’t waste it on this movie. But if you’ve got cash flow and like this type of gig – I suppose I recommend it. Tomb Raider is still better. Sorry Dr. Ross.

Male review by dustin sturges

Ok- Sky and I both decided that “It sucks” means the same to both women and men, so we didn’t do a review on “Cats and Dogs,” (actually we didn’t even watch it). We did however both see “Final Fantasy,” and I must say that given the title, that was not at all what I was expecting. I don’t know about you, but my final fantasy would have the Swedish bikini team in it. The movie was, all in all, pretty entertaining. The whole idea of extraterrestrial ghosts was very original, and the animation was breathtaking. It looked like the technology didn’t quite catch up with what they were trying to do until they had half of the movie finished, but even the bad animation was great. The story moved at a good pace and the action was consistent throughout. The back drop and dream sequences looked like posters I had when I was a little stoner kid—that was very comforting. Even the violence wasn’t graphic. When someone died, they just peacefully left their body. I thought it was a great family film and one of the few great modern dramas with a pagan theme (yes, Gaia was a power in the universe way before Jesus).