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Runaway Groom

by sky

This summer, a cute young couple were to be married here in Park City. They had dated for about a year, and were ready to tie the knot. Sources say the guy had previously broken two prior engagements to other women. This time, however, was supposed to be different. At the rehearsal dinner Friday night, the groom toasted his bride and everything seemed normal to the friends and family who had come in from around the globe for this special wedding. That night at midnight, the bride scampered away, not wanting to jinx herself by seeing her husband-to-be on her wedding day.

The wedding was set for six o’clock Saturday evening. It never happened. Somewhere near 11 a.m. and noon the groom reportedly called his finance saying that they “needed to talk.” Who knows exactly what was said? The end result was the halting of the wedding by the groom.

Guests were phoned, messages were left for the florist, the photographer, and the caterers. There would be no wedding. At the site of the reception a sign stated simply that there would be no wedding.

Word spread quickly, and men and women in this town were outraged. Who was this asshole? How could he do this? Think of all the people who had come here, all the money that had been spent, and foremost, the feelings of his former fiancé. Couldn’t he have figured this out before the actual wedding day?

While she may feel humiliated, angry, and permanently marred from this nightmare of a weekend, she should know that it is he who will suffer the most. It’s called Karma. It’s called local support. The masses may never know what happened, but we empathize with you none-the-less.

Some say this girl is lucky the marriage never happened. Others say why didn’t he drop this bomb after the ceremony, the gifts, and the honeymoon? Which is worse? There’s no telling.

Monetarily and emotionally this is a blow that will take serious recovery time.

Guys, don’t ever do this. If you’re wishy-washy – don’t fucking propose in the first place. Runaway grooms don’t get fourth chances in any town.