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Summit County Porn Regulations "The soup that eats like the Starr Report"

by tommy kirchhoff

The following is actual and/or paraphrased text taken from the Summit County Development Code for the construction of Adult-Oriented Businesses. We're still wondering how a governmental committee was able to raise these issues.

·"An Adult Bookstore or Adult Video Store (is) a business establishment which, as one of its principle purposes, offers for sale or rental…visual representations which depict 'specified sexual activities' or 'specified anatomical areas,' or instruments, devices or paraphernalia which are designated for use…with specified sexual activities."

· "Any material or performance is Obscene if patently offensive in the depiction of Nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, sado-masochistic abuse or excretion."

· "Semi-Nude: A state of dress in which a person wears opaque clothing covering…the genitals, pubic region, anus, …the nipple and areola of the breast."

· "Specified Sexual Activities means acts of masturbation, sexual intercourse, sodomy, …fondling of the genitals or breast, …flagellation or torture by or upon a person clad in undergarments, a mask or bizarre costume."

· "Mandatory General Conditions… prohibit allowing a customer to masturbate in the presence of an employee."

· "Mandatory General Conditions… prohibit allowing a patron to place any object within the person of any dancer, model, or performer."

Number of times each word was used in passage:

genitals 3
anus 3
areola 3
nipple 2
pubic 4
sodomy 3
masturbate 3
sado-masochistic 1
flagellation 1
torture 1
mask 1
excretion 1
incest 1
gonorrhea 1
syphilis 1
chlamydia 1