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Living Online – Here we go again, another self-loving jackass who feels the need to display himself over the Internet for the benefit of web surfers. You may remember a while back, we ran It featured another one of these gearhead jackasses who’s not afraid to keep up with the latest fashions. Super Greg looks like an Iranian terrorist who doubles as a hip DJ for cover-up. He wears a red rubber jump suit and travels with two equally ridiculous cronies, that he calls “Road Crew.” This shady character may also go by the name of Nasser Maheenopetal and should be considered dangerous or just really stupid. If you come in contact with Super Greg or his companions, contact the proper authorities like the CIA or maybe FHV (Funniest Home Videos). – Speaking of CIA, these guys even have their own website. There is even a link for your kids. This site is dedicated to teaching kids about the CIA and what their purpose is. You know, things like gathering foreign intelligence (information), relaying it to the policy makers (President and his buddies), and bolstering National Security (to keep the country safe). You’ll enjoy some frequently asked questions like, “does the CIA spy on Americans?” You’ll be entertained with answers like, “absolutely not, it is against the law for the CIA to spy on the citizens of the nation. The only thing the CIA does is gather foreign intelligence to help the President run the country in the best interest of its people.” This is the same site little Georgie B frequents to see what his daddy used to do for a living. Little Georgie is so proud of his daddy, come see why at ciakids. – This is porn; but since the Wild Utah staff carries themselves with the utmost class and moral standard, we are unable to tell you what it’s like for we have not visited this site. Thank you. – Google is the ultimate search engine--none other even compares. Google’s secret for success lies in the way their index rates sites and continually adjusts the priority due to traffic. Try it once and you’ll see that Google is the undisputed champ. All others will bow before it. Kneel you worthless bastards.