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The Plight of PSIA

by tommy kirchhoff

How many skiers does it take to screw in a light bulb? 201. One PSIA director to sit in the dark, 199 Professional Ski Instructors of America to kiss his ass, and one rad som’bitch to make all the turns.

But don’t get me wrong. Some of my best friends are PSIA. They’ve probably got PSIA jokes that I haven’t heard yet.

If you’ve spent any time around the industry, you may have heard these alternative definitions of PSIA:

Pretty Skiing – Inadequate Ability (or backward) Assholes In Stretch Pants

But don’t get me wrong—those aren’t mine These are mine:

Pushing Ski Industry Apparel
Pansies Skipping In Arrogance
Pretty Sure I’m Awkward
Perfect Skidding If Anything
Professionally Slow Ice Avoiders
Position Sacred Indicates Asskissing Parabolic Skis – Idiotic Actions
Powder Scared, Incline Averted
Putrid Skiboot Infusing Aroma
Put Simply, Isn’t Alpine
Pole Stuck In Ass
Potent Snowplows, Impotent Athletes
Pigs Skating In Analogy
Patio Skilled Inebriated Alcoholics
Panty Shield Ideal Advertisements
Prattles & Spits in Arguments
Poops Shorts in Avalanches
Posing Self-important Instruction Amateurs Psychologically Skewed Identity Anxieties Picabo’s Salivating Interest Attempts
Putting Spam Into Action
Profoundly Stating, “I’m Awesome”