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It Gets Sent to the Dump Anyway, Right?

Have you heard the latest rumor on recycling? We have. Everything we recycle in Park City just goes straight to the dump. To verify this, we went looking for ourselves.

Now we’re here to squash the rumor. STOP SAYING IT! IT’S NOT TRUE!

We went to Recycle Utah on Woodbine Way (just off Munckin Rd.) in Park City and got all sorts of education on recycling. What can you recycle? At Recycle Utah, you can recycle almost anything. They take glass (all colors), all kinds of paper, plastics #1 (i.e. water bottles) & #2 (milk jugs), plastic shopping bags, alkaline batteries, wood, packing supplies, cardboard, paperboard, construction materials and of course, aluminum cans. As far as we can see, there’s very little you can’t recycle.

Where does all that stuff go?

White and pastel colored paper—goes to make recycled paper.

Newspaper, magazines, phone books, etc—go to make foam housing insulation.

Plastic—sent to Asia to make more plastic.

Brown glass—sent to Coors to make new brown glass. *cool note: Park City’s brown glass used to be sent to Las Vegas to be ground up and used as sand in public ash-trays (maybe Elvis has been crushing his cigs out in your old Michelob).

Colored glass—made into fiberglass housing insulation.

Cardboard—made into more cardboard.

Aluminum Cans—made into… you guessed it… more aluminum cans.

Paint—some types of paint are given to local artists to use; others are disposed of by Salt Lake Hazardous Waste.

Grocery bags—again, more grocery bags.

If worm-composting is your thing (and frankly, we think that secretly everyone is into worm-composting, in one way or another) you can buy composting supplies and two kinds of worms at Recycle Utah. Could there be a more perfect spot on Earth?

The Recycle Utah center does a whole lotta good and makes very little money. To help out we think you should all hand over some cash and get a Recycle Utah membership. It’s only $20 What? Are you too cheap? Think how good this will make you look to other people. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!