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Dear Wild Utah,

I LOVE your publication! Thanks for making this transplanted New Yorker laugh out loud and forget she’s stuck in Utah.
Please tell me where I can find it in downtown SLC. If you don t have an outlet, I’ll find you one!
Kevin and Nan Christensen


I loved the Modar article!! Very funny! I work for a very conservative Utah Valley company (my day job) which uses state-of-the-art “Modar detectors” in the recruiting process. All employees are either Mormon or they wore white tee-shirts underneath their clothing during the interview process.
Thanks! P.

We received a copy of Wild Utah as a donation this week at the library. It is very much the sort of material that we need to archive. Is there any chance you could send it to us as a gift? I realize that newspapers do not grow on trees, but there is just no way we can pay the $60. We’d love to have it - honestly. It belongs in our Special Collections.
William Moore, Marriott Library University of Utah


Today, I picked up your November Issue from a local business. I think it rocks. It’s great that you guys can say whatever you want and don’t have to keep watching your backs. Thanks for, I believe, the best newspaper ever!
Sincerely, J.W. Salt Lake City

Hi, Tommy:

Just looked at Wild Utah web site and think you’ve got a pretty good thing going. Certainly, Utah could use some humor even though most don’t get that the joke’s on them.
Speaking of jokes, here’s one for your next issue: Do you know what happens when you cross a Unitarian with a Mormon? They still go door-to-door, they just don’t have anything to say.
Clare Goldsberry