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An Interlude with Mick Jagger

by christine hensleigh

Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll were a theme of this year’s Sundance. We had Ozzy in town, we had Tommy Lee sleezin’ around the streets. But if Tommy and Ozzy don’t get your rock-n-roll heart pounding, then get this…the rock-n-roll devil himself visited our little mountain town: Mick Jagger

Yes! Mick Jagger. After knocking up a Latin American supermodel, we know Mick doesn’t need to look for women, they look for him.

Why should you care? Because if you believe the Mick Jagger biography, “Heart of Stone, The Unauthorized Life of Mick Jagger,” he has that magic with women. Mick can have anyone he wants. According to the book, he was doing everyone—the accountant, the nanny, his wife, various supermodels. As my friend pointed out, “He lives out every male’s fantasies.”

A friend-of-a-friend of mine was an aspiring guitarist in the South. One day Mick Jagger heard her and cut her a record deal. He bought her a new, red guitar. And just because he thought so much of her talent, he often flew her to the cities he was playing. He’d rent her a penthouse and then she’d have to be his sex slave. It was, I suppose, an unspoken term of the record deal. After the time they spent together, she swears he was the devil. Currently she’s not a music star, and she’s since sold the red guitar.

But nothing stops his star power. Even in Park City, fans trying to find Mick were surprised to learn he had a party for people trying to find him. Those ambitious fans were treated to a party across the street from where Mick was partying. They never got to meet the man, but what hospitality.

But someone in town met Mick Jagger.

Meet Dimo Littig. Dimo is a Salt Lake City high school student who was in Park City for a swim meet. After wandering the streets of Park City in search of fun, he had an unexpected meeting…with Mick Jagger.

Q: So how did you find yourself in the presence of Mick?

Dimo: I was at this hotel-like place. I’m not from around here, so I was trying to find a ride home. We started talking to a limo driver. We asked him for a ride. The driver asked the guy inside and he said ‘Okay we could have a ride.’

Q: How long were you in the car with him?

Dimo: For about a minute and a half.

Q: Could you tell you were in the presence of a big star?

Dimo: I didn’t recognize him.

Q: He is one of the biggest rock stars of our time, how could you not recognize him? Don’t you listen to the Rolling Stones?

Dimo: I listen to punk music.

Q: Was he boozed up or on drugs?

Dimo: He didn’t smell like alcohol but he was out of it. Probably on something.

Q: What did he look like?

Dimo: A big, black furry trenchcoat. He was tall and skinny and I remember he had a really big mouth. And he kind of seemed like an adult-kid.

Q: At that point did you know who it was?

Dimo: No, we didn’t figure it out until we got home. The chauffeur called him Mr. Jagger…but we weren’t sure if it was real or not. I just remember he had really big mouth.

Q: Were there ladies with him—feeding him and in general laying all over him?

Dimo: No, there was just one blond. They weren’t even touching.

Q: Did you recognize her? Was she a star or just some lady?

Dimo: I didn’t recognize her.

Q: Did she look like a realtor?

Dimo: What does a realtor look like?

Q: Nevermind. Did he say anything to you?

Dimo: When we got in the car he said, ‘How are you kids doing tonight?’ and then ‘What are you up here for.’ After we told him he said, ‘That’s cool’. We asked him what he was doing up here, he said, ‘Just watching some movies.’ (Editor’s note: Sure, Mick, sure).

Q: Do you think you could have beaten him up?

Dimo: No way.

You never know when you’ll run into a star.