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Wild Utah’s Best of the Ski Industry

1. Parabolic skis – Why did it take so long to figure this one out?

2. Surefoot Orthotics – If you don’t have them in your boots, you’re not skiing or riding as well as you could be.

3. Snow! – Man, is it nice to finally get a bunch. Any guesses as to how many inches we get the last week of February?

4. Austrians – They kick butt.

5. Terrain parks – Another one of the bonus morphs from snowboarding. Ten years ago, jumping was not allowed; now the resorts all build the jumps for us.

6. Dermizax - The ultimate fabric for a ski jacket. It’s dry but it lets moisture out. How does it know?

7. Mittens with a nose-wipe patch – Wonderfully warm and wicks away wetness

8. Cell phones – Ya, OK, they’re a little obnoxious, but for those who work too much, they really let you get out on the hill, and still (somewhat) cover the office.

9. Dopplemayer Ski lifts – The smoothest ride around—keeps you from dropping any paraphernalia from the lift.

10. Senator Holdn’ Green – He’s is our kind of politician. Green drags us through Utah’s chronic issues in ways that won’t make us choke, and leaves us with the question, “Can a bus take us all out skiing?”