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Speaking of AC/DC, did you know that on January 18th, 1991, three teenagers were killed at the Salt Palace during an AC/DC concert? Evidently, there was no designated seating and the three kids were crushed in the mob. Our sympathies go out to the families of the teenagers and the band. Keep on rockin’ boys.

Dian Parkinson, Janice Pennington, Heather Kozar, and Nikki Ziering were all models on The Price is Right—and they were all Playboy playmates. Holly Hallstrom (who my grandfather rushed home to watch everyday at lunch) was not a playmate, but evidently lives in Utah. Hey Holly, look us up. We’re fans.

Alka Seltzer now has a new “hangover” formula called Morning Relief. We bet it’s good stuff. Pick it up today so you won’t need to tomorrow.

The Olympic Downhill will certainly be cool to watch. But in case you didn’t know, The Snowbasin Land Exchange Act was one of the greasiest deals in U.S. history. We don’t blame Earl Holding; he had to cash in some serious juice to obtain the 1,377 acres of prime taxpayer real estate adjacent to Snowbasin. It’s guys like Orrin Hatch who should be taken out to the shed for making this deal happen. Are the 11,757 acres Holding traded the same value? Ask that question in 10 years. BTW, you can watch the downhill from Snowbasin without an Olympic ticket.

Mark Twain said, “Am I a friend to the Mormon religion? No. I would like to see it extirpated.” What did Twain have to say about the book of Mormon? “The Mormon Bible is chloroform in print… The book seems to be merely a prosy detail of imaginary history…followed by a tedious plagiarism of the New Testament. The author labored to give his words and phrases the quaint, old-fashioned sound and structure of our King James’ translation of the Scriptures; and the result is a mongrel-half modern glibness, and half ancient simplicity and gravity. Whenever he found his speech growing too modern—which was about every sentence or two—he ladled in a few such scriptural phrases as ‘exceeding sore,’ ‘and it came to pass,’ etc., and made things satisfactory again. ‘And it came to pass’ was his pet. If he had left that out, his Bible would have been only a pamphlet.”

Remember the Nagano Olympics kids: when the issue of drug testing comes up with these athletes, marijuana is not a “performance enhancing” drug.