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Marital Aid

by tommy kirchhoff

Many times in many medias has “more fulfilling intercourse” been suggested as a great way to improve a marital relationship. One of the best ways to drastically improve heterosexual intercourse is the C.A.T position. If you want to help a female to max out her “orgasms per session ratio,” the C.A.T position is your number one ally.

C.A.T. is the acronym for Coital Alignment Technique (the male is responsible for the application of this intercourse “technology”)

Alignment in coitus is somewhat misunderstood. As an understatement, the male who has no education pertaining to the female sex organs may be selfishly applying the “piston and sleeve” technique; of course he may thoroughly enjoy himself, but he is cursed with a lifetime of facetious female orgasms. But even a clit-educated male, one who basks in the radiance of female orgasm, may not discover the full employment of a woman’s sexuality.

You see, we will never really know when a woman is faking and when it’s real. Worse yet, all women fake it occasionally. With the C.A.T position, you can minimize your chance of a front row seat to “Her Orgasm—The Performance Art.”

First of all and very importantly, no one thing can be the silver bullet; so you’re still gonna need to do all the foreplay things she likes—backrubs, baths, cunnilingus, etc. I highly recommend a full body massage including a thorough but gentle rubbing of the hands, fingers and scalp. As things get better and better, don’t ever stop trying to make them better.

Down to business. After mounting in the missionary position, balance your weight on your toes and the bottoms of your forearms; you should then rest your weight down onto her chest—but keep from crushing her by lifting yourself with your forearms and feet. Her arm position will be dependent upon her height, but her calves should rest somewhere on the backs of your legs. Both of you should still have a good upper body range of motion. Move your body up so your hips are “high” on her hips.

Slide your body up and down her body, but instead of thrusting with your hips, lightly “brush” her pubis in a crescent motion. At the lowest point you should be deep inside her. At the highest point, think of the hot dog staying in the bun. The shaft of your penis will slide against her clitoris and maintain contact throughout both the up and the down stroke.

She will probably use her stomach muscles to rub her clitoris against you. Refrain from “helping” too much with your pelvis, unless she demands it. It’s all in the abs.

Work with this position, changing it as necessary, until you find the correct alignment, stroke and pressure. Both of you will know when you’ve found it.

This position will be a discomfort to you the male. When your hips learn to “roller coaster” on top of her hips, her pubic bone may feel like it’s mashing you, and your abs/upper body will get one hell of a workout. All of these things mean you’re doing it right. Think of it this way: what feels good to women does not coincide with what feels good to men: what do you think she’s experiencing when a man makes it feel good for himself? She deserves more.

Most women can easily attain good orgasms when they’re the on-top jockey. Many women have a harder time on the bottom. With C.A.T., her orgasm can tide just as easily as if she were on top, but it will probably be more exciting and more powerful, paving the way for multiples.

You’re a guy. You’re reading this because you were half-hard six minutes ago. You’re going to give up some “physical pleasure” with this technique. But you’ll have more staying power—which many women need to go all the way— and you will have a wonderful time making her orgasm like crazy. Quite honestly, you’ll have no trouble coordinating your orgasm to hers or even lettering her take two or three or more before yours.

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