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The Dry Pull

by sky

A quick thank you to those chicks out there emailing fab comments back to moi. And a reminder to you boys… you're allowed to send words my way as well… I'm waiting for you brave hotties to start typing to In the meantime - don't be too offended by this one:

It's practically a fact of life for women who use, well, you know, the plug. You ladies know exactly what I'm talking about. In fact, I can hear you screaming in horror. Men, you're about to learn about one of the least pleasant aspects of menstruating. Actually, I don't know if an explanation is necessary. Let's just say that sometimes we females overcompensate for our "flow." When this occurs, there's only one way out (for the tampon, that is): the dry pull. We know when we've made the mistake - it can be painful, unpleasant, and disgusting. A friend of mine pointed out yet another bummer with the dry pull: "I'm just pissed that I wasted a perfectly good tampon, because I hate to buy them." Good point. I'm a miser too.

I'm not one to advertise in this column, but let me just say that help for these situations has arrived. Thank you Tampax! Yes, the tri-pack is available in stores near you. No longer do you have to commit to using Supers during your entire period… now you can pick your protection depending on how much you're bleeding. Tampax calls the box the "Multi-Pax." Call it what you want, I say it's a damn good, simple, long-overdue idea.

To find out who thought up the "Multi-Pax" I phoned the Tampax Hotline (that's 1-800-523-0014 for those of you with extra time on your hands). Unfortunately, operators were not standing by- so I'll make a grand assumption: A woman finally took charge of marketing at the ol' Tampax Headquarters and made some changes. I highly doubt a dude would have insight on this one. Still, there are kinks to be worked out with this new product. For instance, I know women who can't even use Supers.. and want a Multi-Pax with a variety of smaller tampons. Fair enough. It could just be around the corner.

Here's what you're looking for on the shelves in the "female hygiene" isle:

Yes, a man took this photo in Rite Aid - hilarious visual, isn't it?

Meantime, this article won't change the world - but just printing the words "dry pull" in a publication gives me some sort of sick satisfaction. Plus, I feel each week we're breaking ground here at Chick Chat to conquer even more taboo babe topics. Merry Christmas.

Editors Note: If you can't tell by the picture you might want to think twice.