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Bustin' a Gut at WiseGuys

Swamped in the lethargy of Salt Lake? Need a few laughs? Head over to WiseGuys Comedy Club at 2182 South Highland Drive in Sugarhouse and get more than your share. With a punchline of live comedians, good eats and a liquor license, WiseGuys is the place to break away from the "Valium of the Valley."

Keith Stubbs, an A-list comedian and proprietor of WiseGuys, really knows how to play around. With years of experience owning several comedy clubs, Keith knows what it takes to create this type of venue.

"You have to provide an atmosphere that allows comedians to do what they do," says Keith, And though his time onstage is proof enough, his knowledge of the biz is reflected in the club's layout: a minimal stage with ample lighting, maximum seating capacity, easy-access restrooms, a dim-lighted bar and cocktail waitresses.

In a space like that, a comedian has few reasons not to be funny. Take for instance last weekend. Bruce Baum, writer for "Who's Line is it Anyway," headlined at WiseGuys September 28th. Baum, king of the one-two punch, tours the country with a strange, psychedelic beatnik schtick that puts the place in tears. He wasn't exceptionally filthy, but he did go for short runs of penis, boob and bathroom humor. He was, of course, extremely funny.

Warming up for Baum were Tim Thorne and Rodney Normal. Thorne's signature "Holy Crap" takes the Utah cuss to the next level, while Normal's mic time is spent poignantly poking at the local culture.

September 6th, "Mr. Lucky" Dobie Maxwell will headline. Maxwell moved here from Chicago; you might recognize him from the morning show on KKAT.

Don't miss out. Head to WiseGuys and find yourself some funny.