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by sky

More on the festival that has taken over our town. By your favorite scathing babe

Thoughts, reflections and reactions to the thousands of people who are lookin' out for number one.

YOU say it's all been said? Perhaps you're right. But why not vent again? Sundance has swallowed Park City and when it finally burps… we hope to come out relatively unscathed...and perhaps richer from the 10 days of abuse. Walking up Main Street is like driving on the Pretentiousness Highway with no exits. Someone get me out of here…no wait - actually, this is some of the best free entertainment we get each year. Kick back, relax, eavesdrop and laugh your ass off. It's worth it.

Overheard: "How much are those t-shirts?" Asked the woman in the full length fur. Upon discovering the 27-dollar price tag, she walked off in a huff proclaiming they were majorly overpriced. What about the animal on her back?

At the door of Harry O's any night this week: A Losangelino in black will shake his laminated I.D. omnipotently at the doorman because he's a "VIP." Note for all of you out-of-towners: as soon as you utter the letters "V.I.P." you're branded an idiot.

We've received numerous reports of clueless visitors who don't seem to know the sidewalk from the street. Pleeeeze folks - remember - there are other people here besides yourself. Heads up! Main Street isn't a movie set - it's not make-believe-land. This is a real town with live bodies trying to get somewhere. They will run you over.

OK - now an apology. We don't hate all you visitors - but there are a few who manage to ruin it for everyone. We do like Sundance and the movies and the people it brings here. The stiletto heels are fabulous, and so are the furs. The best part of all? You take all the BS back to L.A. where it belongs, and we continue to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. See you next year.


who's in town..
and why we might care…

by sky

Dennis Leary - we love him. Could there be a more crass, sarcastic individual on earth? No. Stay as long as you like Mr. Leary.

Courtney Love - yes, she's got a movie, and I suggest you see it. Or, look for her on the slopes at The Canyons. Word is she'll be learning to snowboard.

Carmen Electra - calm down boys.

Elizabeth Hurley - beautiful, talented and out and about - in town and on the slopes.

Everclear - cool bros, yes, they'll be playing at Harry O's and chillin' around town.

John Mellencamp - roaming main street. What happened to the Cougar? Perhaps we'll find out.

David Allen Greir - funny man from In Living Color - he rules.

Emilio Estevez - he practically lives here anyway. say hi to your neighbor.