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Letters to the Editor

Wow Sky,
I just LOVE your column.
a dedicated fan

Dear Sky,
I just read your article about “going for the gold.” As a full-time athlete who has been living and training in Park City in preparation for the ‘02 games I found it very interesting.My question is this...what about the rest of us schmucks who didn’t make the ‘02 team? I’ve got plenty of jackets and hats. Also, the Soldier Hollow comment (legs..) was very much appreciated. Its nice to see someone recognizes the fact that the really fit guys (gals too) are on the skinny skis. You rule.

Fire Andy
The website looks good fella’s. I haven’t done shit all day so I decided to catch up on the “real” news. Hope all is going well. The only request I have is give Billigerate a day off every now and again, or just fire him for a season, and he can get some face shots.
Have a good one,
Ryan McCullough

Specifically to the Editor in Chief:
After several months in Utah, a fabulous publication was brought to my attention—Wild Utah. At last, an outlet of humor amongst the conundrum of Salt Lake. In my profession, Optometry, your publication could be of great importance. Marijuana does indeed lower eye pressure that causes glaucoma. However, I am having trouble convincing the good 50 to 80-year-old Mormons of this benefit. I look forward to the possibility of you covering this topic. Furthermore, you might look into the practice of palming. It will sharpen your outlook on life giving anyone a new perspective on the world. Should you need any information on this new age therapy, please feel free to contact me. I think your publication deserves a place in my office and hopefully can reach my patients.
With newly found inspiration,

I love reading WildUtah. . .
I've only seen them in Salt Lake. Is there anywhere in the Ogden Area that carries them?
Metal Headache 187