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Sundance Survival Guide

donít drive to main street EVER Ė ride buses or walk

donít hesitate to push or shove people in furs on sidewalks

restaurant folks: if you canít get customersí attention to take their order, give them your phone number and tell them to call you when theyíre ready.

donít wear black (people will think youíre one of them).

donít wear silver, puffy jackets, and talk about which famous person you just saw on your cell phone.

service industry folks: work as much as possible, thereís a bunch of dough to be made now

wait until the Sunday after Sundance to see the good films. They will all be playing at the library Ė for cheap, without the crowds.

accept any offers to work at private parties Ė name your price

wander up and down Main Street and see how much free shit you can get

wanna eat at a restaurant? get a reservation now or say hello to DiGiorno

go skiing. no one from out of town will. itís much too hard to talk on your cell phone while carving turns.

want a quiet dinner out? go to Heber or Kamas Ė L.A.ites wonít ever see those towns. what for?

Harry Oís is the place to be. if you can get in, itís awesome!

if your cell phone doesnít work, try a land line.

donít go into Copy Depot; but do pray for everyone working there