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Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Come On In

by jim moran

Just another day on the cup. This time was in the fun town of Altenmarkt, Austria in the lovely year of 1996. I was having a great season so far, but I had to do well at this event to move my final rank up into the top three in the world.

I blew it! My result was not bad, but it was not enough to move me up in the final season standings. I was going to be ranked 5th no matter what I did at the finals next week. I decided that I would just take my sorrows and drown them at the party that night. After a few cocktails, my friend Jonny Moseley and I decided that being players would be fun. "Let's see if we can find some nice ladies Jonny," I said. It was almost a challenge.

When you are wearing the stars and strips it seems a bit easier. It took forever, almost five minutes before the lead man made a connection. It was not unusual for Jonny to find ladies, and me to swoop in on the friend. These girls were really nice, and the accents drove me a bit wild. Before we go further: I know I was a slut, so call me what you want. I did my usual moves:

First: Do not ever threaten any comment she makes. She is the boss, so do not challenge her intelligence unless you have solid proof. In that situation tell her your view, and that you think that it conflicts with hers. Remember solid proof is essential or the job is lost. Second: I would go into my story of training, and how my coaches' make me work so hard. Then my love for the work, and how I would never quit my love. Third: I would back my verbal journey up with a fun story about World Championships, or a story of the feeling of being the best in the world.

It is critical to never forget #1. Make #2&3 not come across as cocky, or purposeful. Always be careful with the challenge of #1. Keep the conversation heading where you want it to go. Never threaten her intelligence, but if you have unquestionable proof, bust her. That is a sure winner for the game of sex. Things with Jonny did not turn out as planned. She must have been a tough one, because that was unusual. He is a professional, but in the long run remember everyone wins.

That made it more difficult on me. Jonny and I were roommates, so my domain was now occupied. Katherine and I had some fun on the roof of my apartment kissing, but she did not want to play next to my roommate. With a nice goodbye, all my work had failed and she went home!

The next morning, Jonny wanted to know the whole story as we were packing to leave. We both laughed and joked about our comments. KNOCK KNOCK, we both looked at the door. I answered to see Katherine with a big smile on her face. "I just thought I would have some coffee with you before you left Jim," She said. "OK that sounds great," as I peeked around to see Jonny give me the "go for it" wink.

We made the trip across the street to the patisserie, and had the usual coffee with croissants. Enough time passed so that I knew Jonny would have left the room. I threw out my final hook. "Katherine my bus leaves in two hours, would you come to my room so I can finish packing," I said? I had already finished my packing, at least almost all of it.

We made the trip back to the room to find that the packing of the bags only took me another minute or two. The final move then came. I sat next to her to slowly make a little body contact, then I kissed her slow enough so she could make the final call. We had a blast for nearly the next hour and 55 minutes until there was no time left. I told her I was sorry to go, but I would be back. Well, I didn't mean to lie!

I got to the bus when it was all loaded nearly being the last one. Jonny gave me a high five as I walked by to sit with all the aerialists in the back. I sat with my friend Kip, and giggled to myself. Kip then looked at me oddly as he looked around saying "what is that smell?!" Jonny and I had a chuckle of our own as we drove away into the sunset.